Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

22 thoughts on “World Suicide Prevention Day 2018: An Appeal.

  1. I so agree with this. A lot of unfortunate deaths (not just suicides) can be avoided if we acknowledge people and give them credit where its due. One positive word or thought is enough!

  2. Thanks for writing on this subject. I had lost one of my friends to suicide so know the pain. This topic needs to be talked openly, Its very disheartening to see teenagers or even kids commiting suicide these days.

  3. That is a heartfelt appeal. Suicide I have heard is mostly because of a momentary feeling of desperation or sadness. And most often if someone is around to help the person in distress it will pass. But many a time it is too late and the person is gone beyond reach. To speak kindly to everyone is indeed a virtue and needs to be practised.

  4. This should be talked more often. someone who has made up a mind for finishing his/ her life needs to get talked into something positive, show some hope. Some little words help too.

    1. Thank you! We dont say these things because we think there will be time to say it but there is no time like the present.

  5. Say what you feel about people. It could save a life. That’s a noble thought Arjun. It is an extremely touching appeal that you have made through this post. I hope, people could keep their reservations and ego aside to praise people around them. That could actually have a lot of other benefits too.

  6. I agree, we need to make good people feel special when they are alive. Everybody talks good about him or her when he or she dies rather they should make him or her feel that way when he or she is alive. i join you in this appeal.

  7. What a heartfelt post! I agree with everything you say. Sometimes, the tiniest of kindness shown might change the whole world for the better. Very well written, Arjun.

  8. Arjun this post resonates with me. Complimenting a person goes a long way in reinforcing anyone’s self esteem especially if the person was feeling low.

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