Thu. Nov 21st, 2019

21 thoughts on “Why Is Depression So Hard To Treat?

  1. The main problem with depression is that it can’t be diagnosed at early stage.but the best part is that it is curable. Hat’s of to you.

  2. First one needs to self establish that yes I am depressed, then the societal pressure is the one that doesn’t allow one to openly talk about the illness. I have studied psychology myself, you’ve got some good pointers out there, keep writing.

    1. Yes, self acceptance is the first or even the zeroeth step of recovery. Stigma is a big barrier after this step.

  3. People in our country do not understand much about depression. Your article provides all the needed info. Very well written
    #MyFriendAlexa #zenithbuzzreads

    1. Thank you Hema. Slowly, the knowledge is increasing which is encouraging. We will have to keep working to continue this.

  4. I used to buy into the stereotype of ‘strong minded people’ not falling prey to depression. Now I know having seen it in my family. Great that you’re creating awareness.

    1. Thank you Richa. I had those misconceptions before I was clinically depressed as well. Sometimes we get some things wrong and there is no shame in accpeting a mistake and correcting it.

  5. I was unaware of the fact what depression can do to a human body, until I faced the post partum depression. I am glad that I could understand it and get out of it soon…

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