Most of us have the capability to read.

If you can figure out what the above sentence means, Congratulations! You can read. There are a few people who still don’t have access to enough education to be capable to read, but those numbers are decreasing one day at a time. For the rest of us who can, we never really think about it do we? We never really think about why do we read? What is the impulse within the bookworms and readers to just go through so many words arranged in an orderly manner to mean something to us?

As a writer, I sometimes think about how few words can mean so much to us. I just play around with words and their meanings and some people like it. Reading is not really an essential life process. You never hear about a person dying due to lack of reading. It is not even a secondary life process like reproduction where in reading directly ensures the continual of our generation. So what is it exactly that makes reading so comforting for us? It could be the compassion we feel when we read someone else has the same thoughts as us and find comfort in the fact that we are not alone. If compassion was all we were looking for, we wouldn’t really read any factual or teaching books like our course books or books about history, science, politics etc. So we read in order to feel comfortable and to expand our knowledge. But is that it? If it was, then there wouldn’t be such a craze for mysteries or thrillers. So this shows that we also like to be challenged. Our mind is always looking for new challenges to test itself and either learn something new or feel the pleasure of having satisfactory analytical skills. So now we know that we read for

  1. Comfort
  2. Expansion of Knowledge
  3. Analytical challenges

So that must be it. But is it? Why are you reading my blog? I know some of you find comfort in my writings but not everyone. I rarely write anything informative so that is not really a big factor here and except for my Extraordinarii superhero universe, I have not really posed any analytical challenges to you either. So if you don’t get comfortable with my blog, what makes you read it? It could be because you see me as someone you would like to emulate; as an inspiration or just as a fun ride on this roller coaster of my life so far. So we learn that we read for many things. They are probably too many to list out but the things that a person’s reading list can tell about them is more than you give it credit for.

What a person has on his/her bookshelf says a lot about them. Just now I tried to close in on why we read, although there was no definitive answer but we did learn one thing, we read because of something we already have and seek comfort in or because we want something to achieve or learn. It is pretty well known that reading expands the mind and you can find all the lists of why we should read on the internet but I couldn’t really find a piece on why do we read at all? It is because of the basic need of our mind to look for others like itself and for its continuous and ferocious search for more knowledge than the day before. It is well known that humans look for others like themselves which is why we see so many divisions within the human race based on so many varied topics. We also have the continuous urge to gather as much knowledge as possible. We always are, and always have been, on a crusade for what we perceive to be the ‘truth’. We go to as many lengths as we can for it and hardly rest until we have an answer that puts our curiosity to rest. We readers are just like other humans who wish to find their tribe and want to expand our knowledge but we never really give it much thought. Sometimes we should stop and think about why we are reading what we are. It may not have an absolute answer, but it will always help you know yourself and others better.

So to every reader out there, continue to search for the comfort you seek and continue your conquest for knowledge. Don’t ever bow down to norms and be inquisitive about everything. We must never stop, we must never rest and we must never surrender.

10 Replies to “Why Do We Read?”

  1. A totally unrelated fact about reading and the mind: as you start reading a sentence, the successive words are predicted by the mind a few miliseconds prior to you actually reading those words.

    It’s the reason you’ll find this sentence to be lettuce.

  2. Reading helps us in widening our outlook towards life and taking us into a different world altogether like Alice in a wonderland or Harry potter Series.A person sitting in a small village in India can go to Arctic World in his imagination.So reading is a great hobby,and we should pursue this without any analysis.

  3. Reading is not really an essential life process. I liked this one a lot.

    It’s not essential yet I am here, reading and really like the way you have approached this reading process. Have never thought about reading this way .
    I would definitely like to READ more of your work

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