Sat. Nov 16th, 2019

5 thoughts on “What’s in A Word?

  1. If u come out with the words which hurt you, probably nobody will use those words.There must be only few persons who can reach your intelligence level . It is good that you are opening up.

  2. I remember being in a bad place in my life and seeking comfort of my home for some time. You told me while shouting one evening that what was I doing -simply sitting at home and doing nothing! It hurt a lot. So I hear you when you say words can hurt. But when someone is not in the same frame of mind as you are, those same words are usually interpreted in a different way. Those who are hurting you are probably not doing it on purpose. Understanding needs to flow both ways- if they do not understand, maybe you can gently nudge them in the right direction, just like you would like to receive feedback of such kind.

    Having said this, perhaps picking the words you say to yourself in your head are the ones to be most carefully picked. because nobody else hears them and you are rarely able to fight them. so questiom your thoughts as much as you question others’. be kind to yourself as much as you would be to someone you hold most dear.

    Language was developed as mode of communication by humans. These selective use of words makes one person ‘ SOLDIER” and another ‘terrrorist’. But along with these words there is a mindset also which is deciding factor. Person saying a particular word or sentence dont know about my present state of mind and what he says to me generally can be taken in either way.
    Let me give a very simple routine example. A friend of mine meeting me after days and saying just one line—
    “Aur bhai, teri zindagi to maje mein hai”.
    Now he dont know whats happening in my life. A simple comment. It can be overlooked if my life is running smooth. But if my mind is disturbed due to any reason like- academic issues, family issues or love issues , this one sentence can make me feel doomed depressed. My mind will interpret it as a sarcastic comment and i will automatically avoid meetings with that person.
    So what i wanna say is , word matters , person saying those words matters but what you wanna catch from those words matters the most……

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