Tue. Sep 24th, 2019

3 thoughts on “What Depression ‘REALLY’ Looks Like.

  1. you are right, that’s why I m saying that there are individual casual factors responsible for depression. They can be invironmental, genetic, interpersonal,social or may be related to some change in your life or may be due to some faulty coping patterns. Generally different factors interact with each other.You yourself can better understand those things. you introsepct yourself…. Don’t expect that everyone who is reading your blogs can give you valuable suggestions. One can comment nonsense which would irritate you more. So in my views it is better to be silent instead of talking rubbish….. You need to restructure your cognition about these things…You are a very intelligent person and i am sure that after getting well you would feel it was “only you who helped you” Professionals can only guide you. You have to put efforts yourself. wish you good luck.💐

  2. Every person has their own battle and their own story with depression .. it is different than the others .. and you are right there are many “looks” for depression ..
    Great post .. keep it up ..

  3. You are right everyone have a different feel and different reason.so everyone is on his own.isnt it?

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