Thu. Nov 21st, 2019

14 thoughts on “Volunteering & Mental Health

  1. This is true…I can say from experience that volunteering 100% helps with my depression. I am part of an organization called Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and we get paired up with a child who is either in need of a mentor or guardian figure. I plan and go on different outings with her twice a month. it causes me to plan ahead fun and exciting things to do that neither of us would normally do. Every time I am with her I forget about everything else going on in my life because I am focusing on helping her grow and get the attention that she needs and deserves. I would highly recommend a program like this, or any type of non-profit organization to those with depression and/or anxiety to help cope. It gives you something to look forward to and a sense of responsibility. It feels good to be needed sometimes.

    1. I did Big Brother Big Sister for many years. It was an amazing experience and it’s so nice to see my Little grow up into an independent young woman now 🙂

      1. You guys are sharing a really amazing story. Glad you found a way to cope at the time.

    2. Hey that’s really good to hear. Would you like to share your story on out blog as well? Recovery stories always serve as inspiration to those struggling right now.

  2. Volunteering really does help. It easily distracts the negative thoughts and keeps you occupied with the task. It is a pleasure to volunteer, especially volunteering in par with the profession. A teacher enjoys volunteer teaching, a chef can enjoy teaching somebody who does nor cooking. Not everyone come forward to volunteer due to the work and family imbalance. It gives a temporary relief and to make it permanent one should consult the doctor for sure.

  3. Hey, that’s really good to hear. Would you like to share your story with my viewers as well? We could always use recovery stories as inspiration for our readers.

    1. It’s hard yes but it depends on the type of volunteering you are doing. Giving someone some water on a hot day, distributing blankets among the poor on a cold night, all of them are types of volunteering. We don’t always need an organization to make us do something good.

  4. When you’re going through a crappy phase, even a temporary feeling of pleasure is great. Worked for me anyway. All I did was give some cash and clothes and things, but it helped out some less fortunate folks and got a few girls through another year of school. And me through another dark phase.

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