Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

13 thoughts on “Unfounded Diagnoses & Mental Health.

    1. That must have been a terrifying incident. Google actually leads to some people not visiting a doctor anxious of receiving the worst possible diagnosis. Something which I a part of human nature.

  1. But it’s difficult to get diagnosed unless you visit a dr.and you don’t want to go to one ,instead person takes the responsibility of diagnosing self and what better than the depression.No symptoms for anyone to see and you can put all the blame to your mental condition.
    So there can be some lazy/shirkers also under the garb of depression.

  2. I struggle with generalized anxiety and people love to relate to me because they’ve had panic attacks before. Which, yeah, is a totally valid experience and was probably absolutely no fun. However that isolated experience or time is different than life of constant edge that ebb and flow through panic attacks. Diagnosis is difficult because it is a privilege/resource issue. However, the importance of word choice in the basic understanding of actual illness is so important that it’s difficult to separate the two.

    It is nice to see somebody who is also frustrated by these experiences though I’m sorry for your frustration. Here’s to another day ✌🏻

    1. That’s a good point Lauren. I hadn’t thought of diagnostic tools as a limited resources which they actually are. Doctors know the subtlety between being hopeless and ignoring all hope (not exactly the right terms). It is something which wouldn’t be apparent to a layman.

      1. Yes for sure! Really the basis of a lot of ignorance is the people who need help not getting the correct help bc primary care physicians can be so lazy about mental health medications and trying to find the right one and trying to exercise knowledge that they themselves aren’t well versed in and then it takes a fourteen tries to find the right therapist. I think starting a conversation like you’re doing is honestly one of the best steps toward general understanding and it will encourage people to find the proper medical care they need.

      2. I am trying my best to achieve just that. I know many people who are studying to be doctors and they treat the psychiatric part of the books as optional syllabus for exams. When that is the state of students it would be hard to actually help someone.

  3. Although there is a stigma attached with depression , sometimes the word is used too liberally by people. I agree with you unless it has been diagnosed one shouldn’t use the term. Its easy to confuse diseases, one needs to know what they are fighting first

    1. Exactly. Today so many people are trying to be different and in doing that they assume stuff they don’t know. My age group has a large portion of such cases.

  4. Consulting a physician is the best way in case of any illness, not only mental health issues. I wonder how people blindly follow Google Baba’s information. It is as good as going to road side Vaidu, if not less.

    1. As I said, the thing about google is it lists out every possibility and our mind always chooses the worst one. Roadside vaidus are even worse. They would probably give you sugar pills.

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