Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

7 thoughts on “The Teenage Review-19

  1. Aree ab toh naam reveal kar do! So I can wish you properly by taking your name!!!! You could connect with your blogging friends on FB if you are not comfortable to do it on a vast and open platform like twitter…
    I have been a sleepy head the whole day…Its been a lazy day! So couldn’t get your post earlier!
    First of all I would suggest…Start your Teenage review by revealing your name…. 😛
    Okay! Now that told…I can so relate to you on the b’day celebration part…My issue was quite opposite though…I was holding lot of expectations from ppl around me and badly wanted my life to be the same…But problem was many of them were married and priorities changed which made me feel they are going away from me! I couldn’t accept the change in their life. So naturally I wanted all that attention on my B’day….my friends wishing me at mid-night…cutting a cake and all that and when one yr that did not happened it broke me (Silly I know!), you do not know what triggers you until it does! So the next yr after that i came up with a stupid solution! I switched off my phone at mid-night and turned it on in the morning..My reason behind it was, I could manipulate myself saying “As my phone was off they couldn’t call!”. By doing this I was running away from my issues rather than facing them. But eventually that chain of insecurity broke and I am back to my normal happy life again. I am so thankful to my friend’s and family who stood by me!
    You have already started a new life with a strong will and determination of not giving up and already crossed many hurdles…I would suggest you to not run from problems and issues like me..for it will delay the process of attaining our happy-self..Rather face them like a “Knight of Steel” would!
    Okay! I guess bahut paka dia..not gng to bore you by making my comment even more lengthy!
    Happy B’day Dost.. 🙂

  2. Birthday is not the only day on which to wish. we can still wish you a happy birth month. so wish you the very best in life.ENJOY……………LIFE IS FULL OF HAPPINESS. TURN AROUND AND SEE THE LOVELY SIDE OF LIFE.

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