Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

12 thoughts on “The Sweat of The Eye.

  1. The story of any Indian man I guess…one who is taught to be brave (?) under all circumstances. Any display of emotions is considered weakness. I wish more people become aware of the fact that emotions are natural and should be expressed freely.

  2. This is a beautiful post – yes the social stigma that we attach through conditioning adds on to misery and may be the reason of many social woes too. High time we learn and grow from these social bondage,

  3. Hey hey you did a wonderful job here – I loved the theme you used to weave the story – boys can cry too. Withholding their emotions plays havoc in their life plus those of others. Only one suggestion if I may – keep the length shorter. It’s tough when there is so much to say but as a reader one needs a shorter piece. Thanks for the credits! My blog No WordPress 😀 If you can kindly fix that!

  4. That’s such a lovely post. I have never understood why men are taught not to cry and why crying is not considered ‘manly’ enough. All said and done, I feel its important for humans to be the way they naturally are rather than live based on other’s expectations and feelings which many of us tend to do most of the time quite unfortunately.

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