The Soul of The Soles.

There are many things which are a part of our daily life from when we are about 2 years old right up to the time we die, shirts, lowers, underwear, combs, talcum powder and so much more. There are simply so many things that become a part of our life that we never really pay any attention to how much they can say about our whole life. Have you ever wondered what your shoes could mean if we really paid attention to them? Shoes (or footwear for the broader term) are something we wear throughout our life. Something you may not have noticed, they also signify so many things we can learn about life, our own self and so much more.

First we go to the quote we hear so often, “Walk in my shoes and you will know my struggle.” Shoes are supposed to be something we carry with us on a journey. They signify the rough terrains we have walked on, the rains we have faced and the mud we have had to move through. They are our partners in crime. It is sometimes a struggle to walk in some shoes only because of how heavy they are yet we see another person walking in those shoes with absolute ease. They show that it is not really necessary for a person’s appearance to be a good means to judge the said person; sometimes, there is more going on in the background, or in the bottom as it would go here. Shoes stand for the compassion that a person has in that if a person has the ability to walk in someone else’s shoes without having to actually wear them, we consider them compassionate; now the debate that compassion is a good thing or not is a discussion for another post. Some people say that compassion makes you weak and incapable of making harsh but necessary steps and the other side that compassion is a human trait and something we should not ignore for our greediness.

Now imagine if you were told to wear a 3 year old kid’s shoes. You wouldn’t be able to do that right? (Unless of course you are a 3 year old reading this in which case you have some amazing reading skills for your age) The shoes simply won’t fit you. The same way, we can hardly ever put ourselves in a child’s mind. We can try as much as we want but the truth is that we have grown up now and we can never know what it is like to have a child’s mind now. We cannot have that fertility, that imagination and that grasp that we used to have. In the same way, if we were asked to wear the shoes of someone who had much larger feet than ours, we wouldn’t be able to walk in them. We would stumble across and eventually fall down. Just like that, if we try to fill the space of someone who was much bigger and more developed than us, we are bound to fail until and unless we are willing to develop rapidly and grow into them as soon as possible. Many times people whose abilities or skills for a higher job are questioned end up blossoming once they are given that role and they prove their abilities to handle things that previously may have been considered too big for them. The example of a young Akbar becoming the Emperor of the Mughal Empire comes to mind.

There are so many types of shoes in this world that you could keep counting them for years but each shoe carries a unique story of its wearer. Each pair of shoes has a memory with them, this article was inspired when I decided to wear an old pair of shoes that I used to wear about 2 years back and all those memories that I had with them seemed to be back for a while. You cannot walk in everyone’s shoes but you can always walk along with them on the journey and when you think about it, that is what life is about in a few ways, finding someone to share your journey with. The person may wear the same shoes as yours or totally different ones but the only thing that matters is that these two pairs of shoes are going to stay on this journey together. We could say that our souls lie in the soles of our feet.

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  1. You really awakened us about importance of shoes and it’s also a fact that you can judge a person by his shoes but we can’t read his mind.

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