The Musings Of A Tired Mind.

10 months have changed a lot. 

From thinking nothing will change, I now ask what more can I change?

From being isolated even in my own self to having someone to talk to.

The pills have helped but do they stay for life?

The nightmares still come and tell me to cut.

What am I doing? Where am I going? The questions have started popping again.

Is it ever going to be enough or is it all just too late? Can I make some changes from a keyboard away? 

Will I have some impact or will I just drift out, this is that time, I start to doubt. 

The world around is always falling, people are killed and killers are rising. 

No matter how much I change, no matter how many I help. The only question I have, will it ever be enough?

9 Replies to “The Musings Of A Tired Mind.”

  1. It is more than enough Arjun Gupta. Go on, the way you always do . Strong …..bold and never give up. It’ll be more than enough.

  2. At this stage , I feel , you need a friend with whom you can share your thoughts and who can help you out of these off and on negative thoughts. We know you’re trying your best and that has helped also. I can judge that u want to do something for society. You are something different quality person, quite different from boys of your age. Good luck.

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