Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

22 thoughts on “The First Meeting.

  1. There’s always a first time and the positive part was that you agreed to meet one to sort out your problem.things didn’t work out the way we wanted was not due to some persons but those were tough times and your efforts have been forget the past and move forward in life dear. World is full of surprises. ENJOY.

  2. This is the first time I am reading someone talk about their own experience about depression. I salute your courage to come out in the open and share your story. As you rightly say despite what others say end of day it’s always about if the person concerned is willing to take the first step. Loved the quote you used.

  3. True , psychiatrists is a difficulty profession .. They try to treat or resolve issue’s and roadblocks and their performance can’t be measured by any instruments .. Lets Many thinks going to psychiatrist will be like talking to SRK in ” Love you zindagi ” who can cure everything in 3 hrs 🙂 .. But at the end you rightly noticed , they can guide but ultimately its on us to rise and realize only we can motivate yourself .. This article will surely help many to come up and talk rather than hiding ..

  4. Acknowledging a problem and consciously deciding that you want to get better seem like the first steps and you have been bold and mature enough to do both. Wishing you all the success on your road to recovery.

  5. We always look out for support, in the process, we undermine how strong we are to handle everything. It may seem hard, but realisation is a big start in itself.. all the best 🙂

  6. I’m sorry the process was not explained well to you. You sound as if you are on the right track, and taking your recovery into your own hands is a good sign. Keep working and know many people are behind you.

  7. As personal counsellors we are taught that the solution to any problem has to come from the person himself. The counsellors role is to listen and lead the person to that awareness that he has a problem, help him to identify and articulate it and eventually help him find his own solutions. Acknowledging a problem is in itself a great step forward and is indicative of a person wanting to get better.

  8. The blog post is your inner strength speaking. More power to u to fight ur demons and guess what, u could become the Jedi u know!

  9. There are many times when no one can help us except us. I have realized this that we may know the reason sometimes but tend to ignore it and search for some other superficial reason. Wish you good.

  10. It is commendable how you are able to talk about your journey to help others in the same boat relate to it. Loved your words “I cannot get better until I make a conscious effort myself to get better” and they are absolutely true. And I guess that’s the biggest difference between a physical and mental illness and how sometimes it takes much more time to be able to tackle and work on mental illnesses

  11. It is only you who could bring a change within you. These words are absolutely correct. God first gives hints so that we try ourselves. Then depending upon the situation He guides us.

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