The Dog Blog: An Open Letter To My Pug, Kal

Dear Kal,

You came in my life when I was in recovery from the hardest battle of my life. You were smaller than my foot when you first arrived and so precious that I could not stay away from you for too long. You were just 6 weeks old when I had to go to Gurgaon for an interview. I had to go but I didn’t want to leave you behind alone. So I got you along on the journey. You fit inside the little space where the arm-rest goes in the backseat. When we got there you got sick and I stopped everything to get you treated. You probably got sick because of the travel, so that’s on me and I’m sorry about that.

Soon your brother arrived too. You would sleep in the same bed and eat from the same plate. You bonded like brothers. Slowly but steadily, you kept growing. You started balancing yourself on two feet with support from the other and then one day you took a giant leap from the couch to the floor. It was the first time you were doing that and boy, were we happy. I gave you so many treats that day.

Then I had to leave for college. I didn’t want to. I wanted to stay but I was also sure that my parents will take good care of you. You and Coco had become something to look forward to for my parents once I was gone. Then Coco got sick. One day while you were playing he collapsed. He died before he hit the floor. You didn’t understand what had happened for a while. After all, you were hardly 8 months old at the time. You were a young puppy. I remember how quiet you got after that. I don’t know if I am projecting on you but I thought you felt lonely. I didn’t want to leave you alone for a while. You were sad.

Then came Max, the smaller, yipper version of Coco. You didn’t understand what was going on at first. You thought we had gotten you a new toy, a toy that could move and sniff. It took a while before you bonded with him but when you did; you shared something deeper than brother love. My sister’s wedding was coming along and you two had to be limited to a room for a while. One day, you got really sick.

I remember that day. It was my sister’s engagement but I got to know that you were sick. I left everything at the venue and ran for you. I took you to the vet in a full three piece suit because I didn’t care about anything or anyone in that moment, no one except you. You got better. The doctors helped a lot and once again I took a sigh of relief when you started licking my face again.

You had taken some habits of Max by this time. You tried to stretch while on two feet against the wall. You weren’t good at it at first but you learned eventually. Your barks every time the door bell rings are getting ever louder and that just shows to me that you are ok. I know you won’t ever understand what I am trying to write or say but I still felt that this needed to be said.

You are the goodest boy there is. (Don’t tell this to Max.) You taught me many things that I had forgotten somewhere. You made me feel human and you brought me closer to my family. I love you, you little doggo.

Happy sniffing, licking and eating.

4 Replies to “The Dog Blog: An Open Letter To My Pug, Kal”

  1. This is so cute! Pugs are my favorite dogs. They seem to be a rare breed, but when I see one walking down the street, something magical insides me happens!

    In fact, I recently wrote about that if I’d had a puggy myself, I think 90% of my anxiety would dissapear.
    Unfortunately I current don’t have the house or lifestyle to take care a dog.

    1. Pugs indeed are just little balls of magic. Kal is special since I have had some very beautiful memeories with him. What does your current lifestyle prevent you from doing?

      1. Yes they are! 🙂

        I leave at 6:00 in the morning and pretty much leave 12 hours later due to long distance to work. Plus a lot of international traveling.
        It wouldn’t be fair to the dog 🙁

      2. Oh no! It is a really responsible decision from you to consider a dog’s feelings as well. Any dog or pet you have in the future will be in really good hands 🙂

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