Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

3 thoughts on “The Day I Decided to Go Public.

  1. It is unfortunate how many people I come across who feel much the same; that their struggle with mental illness is a complex and unique experience that few relate to. I, myself, have paced the options and treatments offered to those who struggle with mental illness only to find that if anything, it made my symptoms worse. There is nothing quite like hearing someone describe their pain and seeing your own suffering reflected back. Knowing you aren’t alone, that many walk this path, can be such a relief. Though I’d never wish this on someone it helps to find like minded people. It helps to talk.

  2. I remember in my maths class, the prof used to say that whichever student has even a silly question to ask, they should go ahead and ask it. not only would that person be helping himself, he would also be helpimg many others who do not have the guts to ask that question.
    I think you are doing something similar, helpimg people who may not have the courage to talk aboht their depression openly, you are giving them hope that they are not alone.

    I agree, most people do not understand mental illness. in fact it is associated iwth mental strength and believed to be under a person’s control. although I cannot say how much of that is true, if talking about it helps you, you should do it more.

  3. It always help whenever you share your problems. There may be few negative comments but most of the time , they are helpful. It never worsens the problem. I like your courage and I am sure you will come out in a short time.

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