Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

11 thoughts on “The Batman Breakdown.

  1. This is an excellent. I love how you’ve broken down Batman’s character and how you relate it to your depression and redemption (I hope!) There truly is good in the world. We just have to find it.

      1. Agree. I wasn’t too aware if the symbolism but I could not dislike this. This was as true to human nature and changing roles for any super hero.

  2. I loved your break down of the character. lt’s everything l’ve been saying since l first saw this masterpiece by Zack Snyder.

    l’d like to add to your comment on the part where Bruce faces the empty Batsuit that l believe that he was like gaining strength and mentally wearing it for what he originally considers a mission for the Batman not Bruce Wayne.

    It was nice to see you connect with Bruce’s journey and find inspiration in it too.

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