Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

9 thoughts on “Technology & Mental Health.

  1. first time hearing about the app. pathetic, we need someone to keep us on checks. life has become so mechanical and we have forgotten to see the other beautiful end. In my opinion, i would add up to say, too much of social media adds up to depression. it leads to comparison. instagram is one such and I see many of my friends posing and posting friends eery minute for followers. technology is a blessing but can be a distraction too.

  2. Amen.
    It’s for us human beings to use tech as a blessing to move forward rather than become a slave of technology.

  3. There have been many news paper articles that highlight the effect of use of tech creating mental health. There has to be more scientific research about this.

    1. It’s actually a surprisingly unchartered territory for science right now. The researches have only started in the laat 30 years or so.

  4. Technology is a double edged sword. When used in the ways like PUSHD, fMRI; it becomes a boon. Hope more and more helpful tools and methods are devised with the help of technology, in this field. Can see that much deserves to be done in this sphere.

    1. Yes there are likely to be more inventions and innovations in this field. When I started searching about it, I was surprised by how little there is here so far.

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