The Superman Question. Part 1

THE SUPERMAN Batman vs Superman was in many ways a sequel story for Superman after Man of Steel as much as it was an origin story for Batman. We ended Man of Steel with the Colonel of the US Army being skeptical about where Superman’s allegiance lay. He wanted to Read more…

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Extraordinary Universe

Coronis Cometh.

PROLOGUE It has been nearly a century since the devastating attack of Dr. Indus. Immediately after the attack, various nations, actually all the nations came together to ensure that no human was ever given the power, attention or the means to create such a creature ever again. The Age of Read more…

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More Updates.

Hey everyone. I have some more updates about the blog and the direction it is headed in. Kal and Coco might take a break for a while which would put The Dog Blog series on hold. I haven’t updated in the last few days because I was dealing with the Read more…

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