Armed Forces & Mental Health.

An Occupational Hazard. When it comes to proclaiming their admiration for the Indian Army, our political parties tend to outdo each other. The Armed Forces have the duty of protecting their borders against foreign enemies and keeping their motherland safe even if it takes the ultimate sacrifice. One would think Read more…

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My Tiny Tales

My Tiny Tales: Loans.

“We are more similar than you think. We take somethings we can’t repay and we have to leave our home behind.” The poor farmer said to the businessman. “The difference is that you leave the country while I leave the world.” He mellowed as he hung himself and ended the Read more…

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अन्त: मन [The Soul]

सच की खोज में निकले जो चेहरे वो अनजान थे जिस जहांन को सच कहा वो भी एक फरेब था। अपनों के वीर थे वो दुश्मनों के थे वो मीर आत्मा ही चूर हो जब तो क्या गलत और क्या सही। In search of truth, the faces which left were Read more…

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