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I Could Not Leave Him…

This is a part of the Knight of Steel Impact Initiative wherein people share their personal accounts on how they were helped after reaching out to Knight of Steel Anonymous, 20, Female. Everyone suffers from different phases of life and surely depression and stress is not a choice. Same happened Read more…

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A Worrying Trend, An Optimistic Effort.

Over the last 100 years, medicine has made great leaps forward as it has developed vaccines for various diseases and completed eradicated many others. The mortality rates for pneumonia and influenza have come down drastically. With an exception of cancer and cardio-vascular diseases, mortality rates of almost all major causes Read more…

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My Tiny Tales

My Tiny Tales: Lessons.

“Why do people not learn from the past mistakes of mankind or worry about the future generations?” “We don’t learn from the past we have not lived and don’t care about the future we will not see. That is what will be our downfall.” #MyTinyTales

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