I have been really inactive on this site for the past few days, not updated my blog and stopped writing altogether. It has been a tough few days for me both personally and as a writer. I have had various ideas, but the words and thoughts don’t flow through my mind like they used to now. I did watch 13 Reasons Why on Netflix, which is a series which addresses bullying, sexual assault, depression and suicide and it had a pretty profound effect on me which may have contributed to this temporary struggle. Few of the episodes were really moving and well written, few others were a bit slow but it is a really good series overall.

I hope to get back in my groove soon enough and start writing again as soon as possible.

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  1. Hi Knightofsteel,

    I am glad you found something which resonates with your own life, and your personal struggles.

    I have been full of admiration for your consistency as I struggle with writing myself, not just the blog, but otherwise as well… However, I hope that you get back your groove because personally I know I have been distracted by a lot of tv series myself… I remember marathon watching seasons, especially when I had been avoiding to confront my own demons. And the realisation always comes once the battles are over. Or maybe they don’t.

    In any case, I believe in getting strength from wherever possible. I hope you get yours! ( And I think I would check out 13 Reasons Why ☺).

    Read you soon!

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