Scared, Not Defeated.

Hey everyone.

I just have been going through some stuff in the past week. It hasn’t happened to me before and shouldn’t logically be happening either but the fact is that it is and I need to get checked up on it.

I had been having trouble sleeping for a few months but it wasn’t something that concerned me a lot but a few weeks back I started having nightmares and there were nights when I would wake up screaming and covered in sweat and that started worrying me a little. I tried to sleep in a more comfortable environment with the temperature at an ambient setting.

It got better for a while, until one day when I again woke up screaming from a nightmare and I could see someone right next to me on the bed. Their face covered in blood. The terrifying thing here is that I stay alone and I know it was a hallucination of sorts. It lasted for a while, micro-seconds maybe but it really scared me. I was scared of going to sleep again and hardly slept for the next two days.

I visited my psychiatrist about this and we have restored my night medicine to the old levels in hope that it gets better.

It did happen again once this week and I am trying to find the root cause of this because nothing has happened which would warrant this sort of reaction from me.

I’ve shared this with my family, my girlfriend and friends and everyone has been supportive. It’s nice to have support when struggling. Something I’ve learned over the years.

This may lead to a latent blog for a few days but I will get back to the old ways soon enough.


Knight of Steel.

5 Replies to “Scared, Not Defeated.”

  1. I’m not sure if this will help but I have been on several different medications for my depression and there were some medications that caused me to hallucinate after waking up in the middle of the night and I didn’t realize that was a side affect until I talked with a friend of mine who had the same problem. I hope and pray your find your solution!! Always Keep Fighting!!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I’ll see my doctor again this week and we will decide the course of action from there. Reading positive comments like these always helps 😊 – KoS

  2. Things get better with a little support and no one knows that better than you!! This is gonna be tough but u gonna get through this too. You’re strong okay? 😊

  3. its good that you have shared with the persons that is half battle won.with time things will improve and so these nightmares will convert into sweet dreams. hoping for an early recovery and with lots of blessings from your loved ones.

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