Tue. Nov 12th, 2019

7 thoughts on “Reservation: The Complex Web.

  1. Its a very complicated issue which is prevailing in our country, but here let me give you an example which is not my assumption but something i have come across in real life…. I know a person who is in his mid 50’s and has 2 children. One of his children wanted to be a doctor and his dream was to pursue MBBS from osmania Medical college (Hyderabad) he worked hard day n night and secured 456 in his NEET exam. And his reason to opt for that clg his its in hyderabad(as his mother suffers from paralysis and can hardly move on her own) and the second obviously it being govt clg he need not pay hefty fees which his family cannot afford. Also i forgot to mention something, he belongs to forward cast which is OC. Unfortunately even after securing 456 he couldn’t get into that college because cut of for OC was 470+ and one of his classmate who belonged to ST Caste who got 267 got admitted into Osmania medical college as cut off for ST was 260+. How is that FAIR? I feel reservation was a necessary factor those many years back to give opportunities to under privileged by continuing that system now govt is making our younger generation lazy and negligent ! Its my frank opinion. As the person whom i was taking is also under privileged not in terms of caste but in financial terms. I guess its high time to provide opportunities based on merit instead of caste.

    1. It’s not fair. That is the point. If we wish to give equal opportunities we must start at the beginning of the education process. As long as we consider access to medical or other colleges as an opportunity instead of a consequence of a result, we will continue to have this gap among people of different castes.

  2. You have given a good neutral honest analysis,Arjun.In my view,equal opportunity means equal schooling.For that we need uniform schools for all classes of society,irrespective of their economic and educational status.Today,most of the govt
    schools, even in Haryana, havr almost 25%posts of teachers vacant, which may remain vacant for the whole year.How can a student from these govt.schools compete with students of good pvt.schools. Before ending the reservation, we will have to adopt uniform schools for all the students.
    Yes,reservation system at present, needs immediate improvements.Creamy layers in SCs and bcs should be kept out of reservation.

    1. Equal schooling is something that we must strive towards. If all the students have access to the same standard of education, we might not need reservation. This, though, continues to be a dream of ideality.

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