Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

40 thoughts on “Religion And Spirituality For Recovery From Mental Illness.

  1. My Buddhism practise played a huge role in helping me recover from depression. So I totally agree with what you have written.

    1. Yeah that is what I wanted to say. Buddhism , much like other Indic religions is more founded in philosophy than practices which is probably what makes them more peaceful and fulfilling in practice.

      1. 😁😁 I was caught out by the Kelvin out of nowhere there. Didn’t understand what it was doing there.😀

  2. Geez there is another blog I follow and that’s also called Knight of Steel and the author is called Kelvin.
    I’m sorry for the mix up.🙏🏼 I think I need sleep. Lol
    Apologies mate!

      1. KelvinMKnights blog. So not Knight of Steel. The Knight is the common factor here.
        So sorry for all the confusion!

      2. Sometimes honest mistakes lead to good friendships. I have found the blog to go through for the night 😄

  3. Fully agree.Spirituality definitely helps in recovering from depression and many stressful situations. But medical help should also continue in the form of counselling and medicines.

  4. Hey. Really liked how you’ve talked about both the negative and the positive of religion and its effect on mental health. Keep going. Great work !!

    1. Yes, I agree with you on that. Belief acts as a method for us to feel better about ourselves. It should not be mistaken for ‘holy’ intervention.

  5. Well, I think religion is a mental illness. It is the delusion that humans are special creatures who have been given the opportunity, by some invisible power, to cheat death and have an eternal after life in paradise. All creatures die. Resurrection is delusional, a wish dream; there is but one life not two. GROG

    1. I agree with you on that religion leads to many delusions amongst people. Religion is also what makes people do some terrible things. All of this on the premise that there is an afterlife. That said, religion or faith, at least makes some hardships easier to face. Sort of like a placebo

    2. The only thing I would change about your statement is that you should say “religion is a socially acceptable mental illness.” It’s okay to believe that Jesus walked on water, for example, but if you believe the same, then you’re considered mentally ill.

      1. Ah yes, you talk to god you’re religious and god talks to you, you’re psychotic.

      2. Bubbles, I read some of your writing. Good luck. I like your comment that “religion is a socially acceptable metal illness”. True, it has been normalized. The babble of the deluded has become the background noise of an otherwise rational world. They believe in two lives rather than just the one allotted to all of earth’s other creatures!

  6. I discovered Buddhism through my social anxiety- I started meditating to relieve my stresses, and wound up becoming more ‘religious’ than I ever had (still not very), while becoming more mentally healthy than I had been in decades. I loved this article- you did a really great job of showing both sides of the religious coin and how damaging it can be if understood/interpreted in a different way.

    1. Thank you! Buddhism and other Indic religions have had various occasions of helping people. I am glad you managed to reach a better position.

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