Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

8 thoughts on “Relationships & Mental Health #AtoZChallenge

  1. True arjun. When we talk to a person be it a friend or a family, the facial changes hint us so many things. I have personally experienced this. Whether it is sarcastic or genuine, we can definitely make out. The family should be supportive to the person who is depressed. But sadly, I have heard of some close family members, teasing the depressed which adds more trauma. Well said about relationship . R is Rat race.

    1. I know that feeling all too well Deepa. My sisters don’t miss out on a crack it either. It surprises the outsiders when they meet my family but I have somehow gotten used to it.

    1. They truly play a role in our mental health. Support in words is not that rare but actual support by actions is something very few people think of

  2. Life is on the self destructive mode en-route the depression road. Though have never experienced it, but can see from your post that its the hardest thing to have any sound relationship when depressed. And the folly is… to come out of it one needs an unconditional, unassuming bond of kinship. Does only seeking help, helps in such a case Arjun? Should those around the sufferer also take up counselling for learning to handle the situation and how to help the sufferer?

    1. That’s a really insightful question. It is likely that the close ones of a patient would go through problems as well. In an ideal world, they would be told how to help and their health would be taken care of as well. Some psychiatrists have talks with the family as well to check up on their well being.

  3. Relationships are definitely that thing which will be there forever. But after a failure, you don’t want to be in any relationship. And as far as family is concerned, yes they will be there for you always. But still there remains a distance.

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