I lost hope in humanity but…

Name: Anonymous

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Five months passed, yet nothing changed. Those flashbacks and nightmares still troubled me. I could not face the person I fell in love with five months ago. All I needed now was someone who could listen to me and console me. I knew that things have changed a lot now and the past can never be forgotten.

Then I came across articles related to depression and the beauty of life. What fascinated me was my own school friend who successfully battled depression is trying to help others. After deciding for a lot, I finally talked. It was a normal talk at first but slowly I gathered courage to share about my problem. I had been diagnosed as a moderate case of depression (by myself) and symptoms and signs also proved the same. I couldn’t get much help from our college psychiatrist as he said that this behavior is normal after break up. But it was not. At least not for me.

Life changed but I was unable to move on. Then I talked about all my problems to this friend of mine whom I respected and admired always for his intelligence. Frankly speaking, still I had no hope. But he listened everything so patiently and in few days he almost knew whole of my story. He tried to solve it in a way by taking my problem as his own.

I lost all hope in humanity earlier. But this man proved me wrong. He showed me that problems are a part of life and we have to deal with it no matter what. He advised me to have daily diary writing so thoughts could stop accumulating in my mind. Sleep problems also troubled me. But if we think that “all is well” then this mantra helps in sleeping too. He also made me realize that whatever we want to do, we should do it without thinking about what will happen, because it’s always worth taking the chance. These things helped a lot. I am thankful to have a good friend like him in my life.


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