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अन्त: मन [The Soul]

सच की खोज में निकले जो चेहरे वो अनजान थे जिस जहांन को सच कहा वो भी एक फरेब था। अपनों के वीर थे वो दुश्मनों के थे वो मीर आत्मा ही चूर हो जब तो क्या गलत और क्या…
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The Birth of Superman. #FridayFotoFiction

“You really think we should do this? I won’t get to see him grow up. Is this our only choice?” said a worried mother as she loaded her son on to the loading dock of the transporter. “We need to…
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My Tiny Tales:Fire and Light

A little spark was all that was needed, the forest fire came alive.  The forest fire grew afar, eating everything that came in sight. The land became desolate, all the sights turned to ashes. The fire grew in attitude, looking…
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My Tiny Tales:Matter

Once upon a time, long ago, a bunch of matter appeared A little while later, it became self aware and started asking questions.

How One Piece of Paper Changed My Social Life.

A piece of paper has been historically known as a piece of information. Papers and the ink on them bring with themselves messaged from across the world. When I first started going to my new college, my third one, this…
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A Letter to The Prime Minister of India.

A few days ago I had talked about how I wish to write a letter to the Prime Minister’s Office and try and bring to notice the impending crisis that India is facing when it comes to mental health. I…
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The Windows. #FridayFotoFiction

The windows outside my house were a silly little bunch. Sometimes they would show a shiny summer day with birds chirping on tree and the green grass dancing to the tunes of the wind.  The very next day I could…
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A Worrying Trend, An Optimistic Effort.

Over the last 100 years, medicine has made great leaps forward as it has developed vaccines for various diseases and completed eradicated many others. The mortality rates for pneumonia and influenza have come down drastically. With an exception of cancer…
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