Sun. Sep 15th, 2019

21 thoughts on “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) #AtoZChallenge

  1. Never quite knew the difference between OPCD and OCD. A great job at busting the myths too Arjun. We often use the term OCD randomly without realising how grave it is

    1. We do Akshata. And we often term the people who have OCPD traits as OCD patients. A distinction that is vital

  2. Thanks for the information and differentiation between OCD and OPCD. A great detailed post. Of late i do find people accepting that they have weird habits of compulsion. At least they do not fight it.

    1. True. Lately mental illnesses have started being accepted among people. The time is ripe to act right now

  3. There is one uncle of mine. He has OCD. He keeps on washing his hands after visiting the toilet. He washes his hands so many times and with soap every time, that the skin on his hand has become very sensitive. At times it pains him. But with age, the problem has got aggravated. I feel sad for him or for that matter all those who suffer from one or the other kind of OCD.

    1. I’m really sorry about what you have been going through. If you don’t mind me asking, How long have you been suffering?

  4. It’s sad when people start using words like OCD and anorexic so lightly. I’ve seen people suffering from OCD. It’s hard for them. Really hard.
    #MyFriendAlexa #literarylehareads

    1. It is indeed and the self-diagnosing stops people from becoming more aware about these issues. It is something we need to fight against as much as the taboo of our society.

  5. My 15 year old cousin suffers from 0CD and my uncle and aunt are at the point where they don’t know how to help her because she hasn’t come to terms with it yet nor does she want to do things that would help with her disorder. It’s very saddening to see what they are going through.

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