Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

14 thoughts on “My Struggles with Depression

  1. You’re one of the smartest people I know, it’s always great talking to you. It’s a great decision to share your problems, I’m sure it’s going to help you 🙂

    Very well written.

    Good luck!

  2. You’re incredibly strong and courageous for not only seeking help but also speaking out about it.
    Depression is a nightmare but it does get better. Hope and resilience can beat anything and everything.
    I really do hope you rise out of this darkness and see the light which truly does exist.

    All the best!

      1. You are super intelligent guy.This is being reflected in your writing.I am sure ,you will come out of this situation with flying colours.

      2. Although I’m decades beyond being a new mom, I just had to comment on this great idea. I think that would be such a wonderful way to share your baby’s every milestone: the first smile, first step, etc. And it would be a convenient and easy way for relatives and friends to keep up. If I’m ever lucky enough to be a grandma, I’m suggesting this idea to my da!Egteruhileen Williams´s last blog post..

  3. As far as I remember u …u r an amazing guy..who guided us throughout his year of being prefect. And let me tell, u were the one of the best I had known in my past 14 years in opjms. You can easily get out of this. I have seen how optimistic and cheerful guy you are. You are strong enough to face this situation…and you are never alone. I am very sure you will back to the cheerful you very soon. Take Care

    All The Best…. 🙂

  4. I am suffering from severe depression too .. and I had 12 sessions of ECT and I regret it because it didn’t help me but cost me my memory as it did to you and also my concentration ..
    I am looking forward to read your posts ..
    And I am also going to post about my experience if you would like to read and follow .. 🙂

  5. I have been there myself and got out of it. I can relate to you…the great step you took was to start talking about it. It may not show drastic difference in a short span but as time passes all these interactions help, trust me! I Hope you are out of that phase and enjoying every moment of your life…

    1. I am.much better now than I was 6 months back. I wouldn’t say I’m normal and enjoying everything but atleast I don’t hurt myself now or have suicidal thoughts so that is a big step for me.

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