Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

14 thoughts on “Key Phrases Of Mental Health. #AtoZChallenge

    1. There are no universal right words to say exactly. It depends on each individual what they want to hear. Letting them know that you understand and are willing to listen could help. For a depressed kind, actions would speak much louder than words. Make sure you follow up after initiation as well.

  1. Thats very insightful Arjun- we often get tongue tied when someone approaches us with a problem like mental illness infect for that matter any problem. Its important we dont cause damage by unwittingly saying something stupid

    1. The thing is, unwittingly, we won’t even know we are saying something stupid. It would be the most appropriate thing we can think of at that point. This is to help with what can be said and how our thinking process should work.

  2. This was an insightful post. Very valuable lessons.

    For me the takeaway point was the fact that you should not nimbark the listened with all your pent up rage.

    1. Indeed. We are humans too and make mistakes. Sometimes making a small mistake at the wrong time can have disastrous outcomes

  3. Good you thought of coming up with these pointers Arjun. Words are two edged swords. You never know when they hurt some one!

    1. Indeed Anagha. For a depressed mind, words can mean both, nothing and everything. It is important we choose the right words

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