Human Here.

I hate routines.

Ok, I don’t hate routines. I just have a certain disdain against them.

The last two weeks have been monotonous of sorts for the blog. I have had a fixed schedule and I have abided by it. I let the calendar tell me what to do and the rest is done by the magic of social obligation. I just had a feeling that the blog was losing its human side. The ‘me’ side.

So hey there reader! There is a human here.

A human just like you.

4 limbs, 2 eyes, 34 teeth. Everything like it is supposed to be.

I could  be anyone, a European, an American, African, Asian or Antarctican. Ok, not an Antarctican. I was not a penguin the last time I checked but aren’t penguins with tuxedos just awesome.  (Ok, I am an Indian, no point in keeping that a mystery by the way that makes me Asian.)

This is more of an impulsive post. I felt like I had not been in touch with the few readers I have. It felt like a job and way too professional for my liking. This blog does have a purpose. A purpose to increase mental health awareness but that is not where this ends. I have a target in mind with this blog and unlike some things; I cannot keep changing my target as per my convenience if I fail to complete my original job. *winks to 2016*

So, just as a reminder, there is a human being behind this. I am happy and sad at times. I have my ups and downs. I am empathetic and I have my flaws and biases. I would encourage everyone to suggest areas I can improve in or topics I may have covered in a biased way.

All feedback is welcome.*

*Feedback must be from humans in symbolic or visual form.

PS: There is no PS, I just thought writing this makes a post cool.

PPS: There is no PPS either. See, as I said, social desirability is ruining me man.

14 Replies to “Human Here.”

    1. Woah, I never thought of that. It could also be PPSS.

      I will be sure to keep doing that. I will need every helping hand I can get. ☺️

    1. I have actually written some flash fiction and the dog blog is close to my heart. You can give those a read 😊

  1. I would like to see examples of successes too. It always is good to show a hopeful side and maybe another can benefit. Thanks humankos

  2. I hear you Arjun! And I so wish the same to have some human kind of feeling. Thanks to the challenge, I feel like the machine too. Read, comment, write, share, reply. Next day repeat!
    This one was a good breather. Look forward to some fiction from you…you are the master of the craft!

    1. Learning from you Anagha! 😀 Now I will try and have a more ‘me’ writing style. It might not have a lot of info but I will try to make it fun to read.

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