Sat. Dec 14th, 2019

9 thoughts on “How Lonely I Am.

  1. This is the first post of yours I’ve read and I must say, it resonates with me. The bit you wrote about friends not sending a message…that’s very relatable. It reminded me of a quote, “You can’t count on friends, they will always let you down.”
    I hope you find peace soon.

  2. We (parents) are really concerned, watching all the time, pain of loneliness you are going through, trying to find out the solution.Probably few of your friends have ditched u which u could have never thought of. This is because of your sincerity and innocence that you seems to be so much hurt.But this heartbreak, we feel , will make u stronger and is like that. But someday you will get real sincere friend who will love you as much as you love others. Seeing u lonely we are also disturbed, expecting this tough time to be over soon. We love u so much( from depth of our heart) but we are poor in expression. This u can see in our eyes only.

  3. भाई, अपने बारे में इस तरह लिख सकना आसें काम नहीं। अभी काफी कुछ पढ़ गया मैं। बस, अपनी कहते रहें।
    पढ़ कर अच्छा लगा।

  4. Sometimes we just can’t do anything despite knowing the pain that you are going through.hope you get some good company who can help you.

  5. Your emotions just touched a cord of my past..
    Thanks for introducing you to me..and good wishes for new beautiful souls in your life. May the light be always with you.

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