Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

12 thoughts on “Flashbacks.

  1. Just now i read a post by Vinay and came across a quote from harry potter book which is inspiring! Let me quote it for you here…
    “It is our choices harry, that show who we truly are, far more than our abilities”
    Here the use of word “choice” is paramount of this quote.
    Something bad happened and instead of giving into the situation you decided to fight, you made a choice of keeping yourself on the top our ur priorities. You came forward dealing with it in best way possible for you. Do not get me wrong but these flashback cannot be harder and tough than the real thing which u have gone through years back! You made a choice of not letting them control you so make that choice again, this time it would not be harder than it was then, cause its a flashback and its not going to happen in reality again, that is dependent on you…
    So what is your choice?…
    I would have mentioned your name if i had known, to keep it more on a personal note my friend. Do not lose hope for this cloud of negative thoughts shall pass.

    1. I just have to work on a strategy to deal with this. I found a way to deal with the depression and if I am able to find it for these flashbacks as well, it won’t be a struggle anymore.

  2. Hai.with your strong will power you will pass through this phase and the best part is by sharing your thoughts others are able to understand what you are going through and they can help you in some way.

  3. If possible, start taking classes of ur classmates after taking teachers in confidence. That will probably make it interesting and u won’t have flashbacks because of changed role. Probably that role , u may relish.

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