Depression & Me

Depression is something that has existed among humans for centuries. Of course, it is often asked why people didn’t have these problems in the 19th or 20th century but that isn’t so. In previous centuries, Depression was called ‘Melancholia’ in the west. It was only around the 18th century that we started calling it depression in biological terms. Even in India, Depression often finds its mention in the work of playwrights like Shudraka and in the Bhagavad Gita as well. The Gita talks about the three Gunas in the human psyche and how two of them lead to all mental illnesses. It is hence clear that depression isn’t a new age disease that is being intentionally spread among people to fleece their pockets. It wasn’t known by this name previously but it was there.

Depression & Me.

I have had my fair share of experiences with depression. The people who have been following my blog for a while would know. The whole premise of this blog is to create awareness among people about depression and other mental illnesses. If you wish to read my story in brief, you can go through the “About Me” page. I have also helped some people with their problems. It is something I am proud of and you can read about it in the “KoS Impact” page.


Depression is a complex disease. It has a lot of tiny details which often lead to huge consequences. There are various reasons why people end up inside this demon. Some are academic stress, financial stress, personal issues and then the unavoidable genetic cause (as for me). Some people are helped by talking to friends and family. Many find comfort in divine or spiritual beliefs. A few have to visit psychiatrists. Some of us are put on medicines and a very tiny percentage resort to ECT (Electro-Convulsive Therapy). Every patient has a different tale, different deep manifestation and different solutions. The core symptoms are same for everyone but there is a different way to treat. It is what makes it so difficult to treat. The things that worked for me may not work for you.


The stigma attached to mental illnesses and depression is another tale but thankfully, gradually and slowly, things are changing in the world. People in rural areas are also now aware of depression and although, they don’t seek help immediately, they are comfortable with visiting a psychiatrist if necessary. There are still some doubting people but we should not degrade them or tell them to not ask anything and be empathetic. We need to listen to the questions they have and try to answer them. If we don’t know something, we should also be pragmatic enough to accept our deficiencies in knowledge.

It is important to not advise someone if you don’t know their story. It may alienate the sufferer and then lead to them closing down. The fight is not against the method of treatment but against the illness itself. As long as it is humane and legal, it is ok to use something that helps irrespective of their social outlook (psychiatrists for eg.)

In order to take some concrete action, I am also plannning on starting a Depression Support Group in Gurugram. If you would like to be a part of it, you can contact me at +91-70825-31385. We could arrange meeting initially in cafes or restaurants and shift depending on how we grow. I would like to help but I need your help to let me do that too.

The world is changing and it is important we change as well. It is important to keep pace with our social demons and create new and novel ways to fight them. It is going to be a long fight but it is not one that can never be won.

As Rajeev opened up more to his psychiatrist, he realized what the roots of his problems were. He had been beaten in kindergarten. He was always pressurized by his parents to excel in academics. It was often pointed out how he had been a disappointment to the family. He didn’t like the college he was in and didn’t know what he was doing with his life. Is he alone in thinking such things? How does education, or lack thereof, affect mental health? Find out tomorrow on

33 Replies to “Depression & Me”

    1. True words. Subconscious scars surface occasionally but the one suffered in young adulthood or adolescence stay in the conscious and they don’t go away easily.

  1. Good hear that people are becoming aware of depression now. I remember one of classmates stressed for her 10th board exams and eventually had to drop the year. If only we had understanding, then we could have talked to our classmate.

    1. Have you been in contact with her since? Sometimes retrospective expression of emotions brings us people and things we never thought we would get

  2. Very informative article indeed.In my opinion,arjuna’s unwiilingness to fight in war field was a form of depression,but Krishna being his guide and chriotteer managed to deal with his depression by superb lectures known as Bhagwad Gita.

  3. Its good that people now talk about it openly and slowly this stigma will also disappear.More we talk better it will be for the sufferers .they wont have to hide behind masks.

  4. Its not easy to talk about Depression and especially your story shedding all inhibitions, so proud you are doing that Arjun. The fact that you want to create a support group speaks volumes about your dedication and determination to help others

    1. I am trying to do my best Akshata. I have received multiple requests for help but few from Delhi so far. I know it has high levels of depressed people and I am trying to reach them and encourage them to reach out to me.

  5. I appreciate your effort to raise awareness. I run a patient support group for chronic illnesses where we come across many patients of depression. If you wish we can get in touch. Maybe we can help each other.

      1. Do you use the blog you are commenting from or another site? I would like to check the setup out if you don’t mind.

      2. Thank you. I’ll get back to you soon. Thank you for reaching out and offering to help me with this ☺️

  6. Yes, people are becoming aware of depression, now. But, many people take it casually in the primary phase and when this untreated depression becomes severe, they go to the Doctors. That time , it’s very difficult to handle. I knew a lady who had a chronic depression, but, her husband and other people of her in-law’s house didn’t take it seriously. In an worst condition (after an attempt to suicide), they took her to a Neurologist. I didn’t know how was the treatment, actually. But, few months later, she committed suicide by burning herself in fire. I think we should more aware about treating depression in preliminary phases.

    1. Agreed. Now that we know that depression is a disease and not a choice, we need to stop it in its bud. If allowed to get worse, it becomes the cancer of mental illnesses.

  7. Arjun, so proud of you! Appreciate your efforts to help people in depression. Coming out of depression and helping others to fight the daemon is a commendable job. I wish you all the success in the Samaritan endeavor…

  8. a silent killer – depression. Not knowing it is depression, i have also encountered it long tome before.kudos to you for helping out the affected people, arjun.

  9. That’s a noble thing Rajeev and my all best wishes for the efforts.
    Depression is something which is still Taboo in the society, many do not want to talk about it or accept they have an issue. Specially our parents generation, they always think it is way to get attention. I have myself suffered a small phase of depression and know with experience how families treat it. I wish you all the best for the initiative.

  10. Arjun – I am happy to see you have started channelising all your experience onto actions and helping others with same. This post is a good recap for many people who often forget that depression or any other mental disorder is just like any other physical disease.

    Power to you and your ilk 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Richa! It means a lot coming from you. I am only trying to create something like you did with Blogchatter.

  11. Please check my latest post ‘Insecurity, Anxiety and Depression’. It’s specially for parents to know and understand better about their children and what they’re being going through. It’s really important to spread awareness and saving lives of our precious little kids. You’re doing great work. God bless you.

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