Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

4 thoughts on “Dear Hotstar, OCD Is Not A Trend. It Is A Disorder That Takes Lives.

  1. OCD means obsessive compulsive disorder, which itself is self explanatory that this is a disorder and it is quite big mental health problem. Obsession is little different. Hotstar should use the word obsession and not OCD.

  2. I can feel your anger. Many a time people use terminologies that may have much deeper connotation than lay people may understand. It is unwise to use a term like obsessive compulsive disorder where people tend to suffer because of their own thought process, so flippantly. In Friends serial, Monica is a cleanliness freak and obsessed with order. But she does not appear to be suffering from any abnormality.

    1. Indeed Abhijit. The promo says that the show started it all, including OCD. I don’t understand how the people there approved it. The best thing they can do now is take it down.

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