Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

9 thoughts on “Dear Candidates of Entrance Exams…

  1. This is a wonderful post arjun.. With your permission can i share this in my school whatsapp group as there are many friends whose kids r going to undergo this feat..

    1. Sure Deepa. Let them know about the website too in case it helps them. The more people that read this, the better their wards will perform.

  2. I hqve consulted over 7 doctor s and counselling professionals..still i suffer from depression and anxiety.. Somebody plz help me

  3. Success in Competitive Exams is not only a matter of knowledge or IQ but also a test of attitude and grit. It needs to be searched with hard work and a courageous attitude. If you make discouragement and failure your stepping stones, you will surely achieve success !

    1. Indeed. There are many stories of bright children who couldn’t crack the exam because of nervousness in the exam room. Failing and not giving up are the two roads to success.

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