Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

2 thoughts on “Dear 13RW, This Is How A Suicide Would Actually Pan Out.

  1. Haven’t watched the show but the post is sure ridiculous. As you rightly said apart from those who genuine care and love you, no one bothers and they all move on. Your loved ones will move on too however hard it seems and people elll forget you. It’s really good you wrote about the distorted version of suicide and the real one

    1. Thanks Akshata. When I first saw this post I was amused and yet outraged at how suicide was being portrayed. It might actually lead to people going for the extreme step in hopes that it might get them some appreciation and end the pain. The pain doesn’t end. The pain is forgotten , just like we are. I hope this version gets more exposure and leads to people changing how they look at suicide.

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