In the past few days I have been contacted by various people seeking help for themselves or their friends who are struggling with various issues in their life which are in turn, affecting their mental health adversely. I’ve been trying my best to help them and I would say that with about the 9 people I have been talking, I have had a positive effect on about 7 of them.

This, though, brought me to a big decision I would have to make which would determine a lot about my own character and about the future I have. A person contacted me and asked, “How much do you charge for it?”

The instinctual answer I had was to emphasize that I don’t charge any fees but it did get me thinking a lot about what the future holds for me. As it stands right now, I don’t need an income from helping people deal with their own demons and on the other hand I have the thoughts that if I use my inputs and skills to help people, I should get something in return.

The Present.

One thing that I do know for sure is that in the near future, I don’t plan on charging anyone for any help I provide. It is a question for the long term future, something which I’m measuring right now in years and not weeks or months. I will say again thay if someone wishes to talk to me, they can do so. My contact number is mentioned on the website and my email is available through the ‘Get in Touch’ page as well.

The Future.

I will also be introducing another page for the website. It will be a page where everyone can see personal accounts from people I have helped in the past and how far they have come since then. It will serve as a reminder to me as well when I feel like I’ve not been doing anything impactful.

The Questions.

In the meantime, I leave you with the questions I have in my mind,

Should a noble service be charged?

Should the fees be equal for everyone or with special provisions for poor people or those who don’t wish to pay?

Would donations have any role to play in this? A situation where I work for free and people pay as much as they wish.

Willing to hear all inputs possible.

7 Replies to “Crossroads.”

  1. I would say no charge. People come to others for support that know the pain they are in. Professional help is not always the first thought, plus professional help in an office can be very pricy. By not charging, you can truly become someone that supports them, that alone can save a life.

    1. That was what my first thought as well. I can have other sources of income in the future and as it stands, I’m not in a high enough demand that I would have to start filtering out who I help. Until then I help everyone I can 😊 -KoS

  2. God gives quality power to some so they can spread the fragrance of human love on this earth.the more this flower blooms the more happy place this world will become Amen

  3. why dt you start making some motivational videos on youtube or videos related to mental illness .. through that you can earn based on the number of views and subscribers on youtube .. youtube will pay you .. and if you get a chance to endross something you can earn more ..

    1. Thanks for the advice ☺️. I agree that Youtube has a further reach but it would need some investments I can’t make currently. Earning is not an objective of my blog at the moment either. It may be in the future but at present I wish to help as many people as I can.😊

      1. I was confused about what to do when I wrote this but then I decided that I shouldn’t focus on monetizing at the moment. That can come at a later time as well.

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