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16 thoughts on “Diagnoses.

  1. Does it help having a diagnosis? Personally, I don’t care what my label is as such but just how to get through it. I hope you get the appropriate help and therapy to move forwards.

  2. I agree with above professional help is the way to go. Whilst people can support you and encourage you, advice some come from professionals. I wish you all the best, it is not a nice thing to have to deal with

      1. I say definitely be open, the people who reject you are not worth your time anyway. Keep people close to you who care for you and about you. If it helps you to write on a personal level then I’d say do it.

  3. I shall suggest u to not to give so much importance to net study. Medical fraternity advises against it. Most of the symptoms fit into many diseases and most of time problem become refractory to treatment because of bias in mind. Maximum u can have basic idea of the terminology and doubts must be discussed with professional with open mind.

  4. Hi knightofsteel
    I am particularly impressed with how open, articulate and perceptive you are. In my experience, there is hardly any consensus among psychiatrists, different psych will give u different diagnosis, leaving you ever so confused. I am sure you ave already had a taste of that. If I were you, I would only focus on the treatment and not the label. Sadly people will judge you on the tag given, leaving you very vulnerable and prone to rejection and heart break. The choice is yours and I hope that you would choose wise fully.

  5. Dear
    main focus is to get well soon irrespective of what the diagnosis is .So don’t give any​ importance to label. be regular about your medication and hope get well soon.

  6. I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder after years of having a misdiagnosis of bipolar (knowing deep down that I never experienced mania). I can tell you that there is definitely a serious stigma around this disorder. Sometimes comments I hear can really hurt my feelings but I remind myself that I am a person who has a hard time regulating my emotions.
    If you have the option of getting into DBT therapy, you should definitely try it! DBT has changed my life. You’re write about their not being medication for borderline (although they can treat symptoms – depression, anxiety, etc.) but the skills I’ve learned in DBT have helped me so much in regulating my emotions.
    I just started my blog on here and am glad I found yours! I will definitely keep up with your posts!

  7. Please feel free to post as much as u want or need to. It doesn’t do anyone any good for to be holding back on a topic like this. Things need to be talked about for the greater good of others like you and yourself. 👌i wish you luck

  8. Hi, I believe I have quiet borderline personality disorder. I am going to a psychologist this Friday due to the fact I am now terrified I will lose control. I have been writing about my feelings for a while and never knew what was wrong with me but this may be it. Take a look at my last few posts and let me know if this is how you feel. http://Www.totheverygates.com I’m in the same boat you’re in.

    1. Hi, I hope you get the help you need. It might feel like things are going out of control but that doesn’t mean you won’t regain it. I will surely check your posts out and talk further.☺️

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