A Symbol of Hope.

As a person going through depression , it is really important to have a companion to share my feelings and someone who I can have a happy time with. I had been considering getting a dog for a long time but always thought I wouldn’t be able to stand up to the responsibility that comes with having to raise a pup. 

Recently, I decided I was going to take this challenge on and find a companion to share my experiences with. I got a 35 day old male pug to start with.I named him Kal. After Kal-El, Superman’s real name. Superman has been a Symbol of Hope for the whole world and hopefully little Kal here will be my Symbol of Hope. He has been really cute and lazy so far but really worried about his nutrition and raising. The anxious feelings creep in at these moments and I can’t help but stop them no matter what I do. 

I’ll try my best to raise him as my closest friend but I can’t help but stop worrying about the future and how I still don’t feel happy even though he is now here. Hopefully things will get better with time. I hope for the best.

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  1. Congratulations for getting a new buddy !
    I hope you will enjoy raising the pup . And if you have any doubts or questions,feel free to ask .

      1. Well,that may be because of 2 reasons probably
        FIRST ,the pup might be having fever because they don’t eat or drink when they have fever and
        SECOND, 35 days pup is still way too young to be separated and it might be due to problems adjusting to new environment but that is fine since you have already taken the initiative .
        Regarding food , try giving puppy food or curd mixed with some water or mashed fruits (banana).
        And if he still keep himself away from food and water I would suggest you to take him to a vet .

  2. Dogs are the best. I think you will feel and find much comfort with your new furry friend. Dogs are God’s gift to man. You would be surprised at how well dogs can connect with humans, our emotions, and help us feel better. I hope you have nothing but good experiences with your new companion and I hope that you stop feeling depressed. God Bless!

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