A Question I Often Ask Myself, Who Am I?

 Who am I?
Am I a student pretending to be an author?
Or am I a blogger trying to fit in as a student?
I sometimes ask myself this question.
What is my salutation? 

What is my label?
Which one is a fable.
It's all mixed up, It all seems so strange.
Do I belong here or is there a bigger stage?

An author, a blogger,
a student and a topper.
I am walking different paths
and sometimes I begin to wander.
I wonder,
who is Arjun Gupta?
Is he the Knight of Steel
or just a wannabe author?
Does my work matter?

I'm losing myself, 
or am I finding who I am? 

I lead a double life.
A student by day, 
A writer by night.

Different expectations, different demands.
It seems like things are always falling apart.
A writer, I'm too young.
A student, I'm too old.
How do I expect to find myself,
when I don't know my roles?

The young don't write, 
Should I dye my hair white? 
For me to be heard,
And share what I've learned 

It's getting tougher but I'm still strong.
Tired but singing my song,
writing my wrongs.
I will go on.
Walk on.
Talk on.

For when greatness is at the door,
We must always ask why?
After all, Who the hell am I?

7 Replies to “A Question I Often Ask Myself, Who Am I?”

  1. Maybe who you are
    a question can’t respond to
    I don’t know but maybe
    no age to be a writer, a student
    but I got a little clue
    I know you have a voice
    and a story to share
    you just know that you are you
    so keep on walking,
    keep on talking
    and keep on writing too!

    1. Your words are kind,
      They touch my soul.
      I was doubting myself,
      But now no more.

      I wish to do so much,
      But there is little I can do
      For now I’ll just say
      Thank you ❤️

    1. I agree with everything you say. The problem starts when people don’t want to share or trust my work because I’m too young. I have researches to back it up but no one wants to listen to this tiny little pup.

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