A Girl’s Side of The Story

We were friends, we were lovers, we were strangers, that’s how it normally goes doesn’t it? The circle of life. Everyone is willing to hear the boy’s side to the story, probably because they are so loud in their expression and so uninhibited. Now I wish to speak out about my side to the story. The girl’s side.

I can never forget that day, the day I told him the truth, after 3 months of lying about it, I could hold it in no more. I had to say it, I had to tell him what I had been holding within myself for a 100 days. He came in the evening, he used to come to play nearby and we used to meet whenever possible. We met that day and after some small talk he said, “I love you, you know.”. I froze, I had heard that so many times, but this time I had to reply with the truth, I couldn’t lie anymore. ” I don’t love you”, I replied. A gentle grin spread across his face, he thought I was joking,  ” I don’t love you too”, He replied as he gently hit my shoulder. I didn’t know what to do I told him that I was serious, and that’s when it happened. I saw his face crumble right in front of me but I didn’t apologize.  He went away and we hardly talked after that, rarely and I knew it was never the same.

I didn’t have anything to apologize for. I was just being honest, I could have done this anytime, but I lied for 3 months, I went with it for 3 months, lying my teeth out and letting him get serious about me. He genuinely loved me and I didn’t and I lied about it. Even though I knew he hated lies, even though  I knew his last girlfriend cheated on him and had a first hand account of how hard it was for him to escape that. I knew this would lead to his mental breakdown and I still lied and didn’t apologize as I had nothing to apologize for. I got away with it, because he was too nice to react in any other way than be quiet about it forever, I knew what it would do to him, I knew the only thing worse than cheating on someone is to lie to them about loving them and then break them someday.

It’s my life, my rules or something like that, I got away with it, and will continue to cause it’s my life and there are no consequences for doing bad things to good people. He may never be the same guy again but who cares, my happiness is more important than anyone else’s life. Whatever be the cost, I must be happy. No matter what it takes.I must be happy. That is my side of the story.

*This story is a work of fiction, any resemblance to a real event is purely co-incidental*

3 Replies to “A Girl’s Side of The Story”

  1. hard lessons make people harder. breaking down into pieces and making urself whole again with those pieces.the lessons wont stop…that is the way life is. ur response might.

  2. honestly this doesn’t seem like her side of the story. it clearly is his. she quit, he was hurt. she got over it, he did not.
    he needs to love himself again more than anyone else. he is worthy of love even if she did not think so. he needs to pull the threads back together and weave them into a whole, even if it is slow, even if it takes every ounce of energy he can muster.

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