Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Lie.

  1. Life is beautiful and worth living .No matter people around can be tough but they make us stronger to face the world.we get one life, why to waste it on their reactions.Try to ignore and move forward.Bright sunshine is waiting for you.

  2. To me. it is all the game of ‘THE MIND’. Mind is the best friend and the worst enemy. We have to learn ,”How to mend it?’ This is a BIG BIG question. To listen to sermons, advises, suggestions is very easy but rather most most difficult, if not impossible, to imbibe these in the behavior. As a worldly man I also had been thru this stage for a long long time but during the first episode of depression, a Psychologist brought me out of this pain of depression and later on a spiritual guru brought me out by their guidance. I m of the opinion that our guide can only show us the right path but we and we only have to tread it to the target. A common saying, “If u want Heaven, only u have ti die”
    In my first attack of depression, the psychologist saved me by the process of “Catharsis”- a scientific way to treat depression.
    And in the second episode, a spiritual teacher brought me out by teaching me —-HOW—— to implement the methods to come out of depression and achieving the goal of Happiness. His way was ‘spiritual’ and that is MEDITATION. Of course one has to do it oneself, nobody else can do it for us to give us the result. There is no magic with the so called Gurus. Just like a good teacher can give us the lessons and tell us how to remember these.

    So in nutshell, scientific way is Catharsis and the spiritual way is Meditation. Meditation is , definitely difficult initially but not impossible. I have practiced it and found the results positive and subsequently it becomes an addiction and the Bliss goes on increasing and increasing.

    Psychotropic drugs help us only symptomatically by elevating the mood.
    I m very happy to share all these experiences of mine for the first time.

    Satish Gupta

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