Hey everyone, this is just a small update for you. 

November has been a tough month for me for the past 3 years. I thought this year it might be different but it doesn’t seem to be so so far. I have many ideas and opinions flowing through my head but I seem to lack the push to write them down. I feel sort of weak. Hopefully this is just a temporary problem which will solve itself in a while. It happened about 5 months ago as well.

Until then I will just be posting short stories or poems. Maybe reading some kind thoughts from the rest of you might help. Until next time, I’ll be taking a short break.


  1. Sunitagupta

    No we need to hear from you every brave . this maybe because of season change . good luck.

  2. Anonymous

    gurus… nay tumhay kuchh aur kam diya tha aur tum janab escape kar rahay ho .wah kya rasta pakda hai .jo apnay say pyar nahi kar sakta woh sabka kalyan likhnay say to nahi karega.lots and lots have been written .have you tried to read them…expressions have many other good ways too…mr arjun

    1. knightofsteel

      Any suggestions?

    2. knightofsteel

      I think I understand your point but to ensure no misunderstanding, could you explain it a bit further?

  3. sunita

    you should focus on your well being,rest will follow.


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