The Grey Area.

Boundaries. Limits. Something that we always say exist, but in social circumstances, they seem to be very poorly defined. The diversity of people on this planet sometimes astonishes, there used to be a time when I was fascinated by how much diversity there actually is. Some people like to stay Read more…

By knightofsteel, ago

More Updates.

Hey everyone. I have some more updates about the blog and the direction it is headed in. Kal and Coco might take a break for a while which would put The Dog Blog series on hold. I haven’t updated in the last few days because I was dealing with the Read more…

By knightofsteel, ago
Dog Blog

The Dog Blog. Part 3

I am back. Kal has returned. I see my fellow counterpart has already done the best he can to spoil my image in your eyes. His non-stop complaining, constant crying and never ending tirades about how the world is a bigger place than just our home and the few places Read more…

By knightofsteel, ago
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