When The Wedding Bells Ring.

It’s wedding time at my home and a hindu wedding is always filled with many rituals. I thought that in the last few months I had gotten a tolerance to the perceived ridiculousness of these rituals but seeing them again right now reminds me that it is not the same as it was before. Not only hindu rituals, the rituals in weddings of other ceremonies seem weird to me as well but since I am currently seeing a hindu wedding I’ll focus on my opinions on that. 

Over centuries, age old traditions have been adapted based on the various tribes that people have spread themselves in. The thing that troubles me is when these two different tribes face each other at the same time. The instructions become either too vague or too strict and with no basis on anything except belief. Sometimes you are asked to take your shoes off, sometimes you are asked to wear them. Sometimes you are even asked to do both at the same time. I personally find rituals weird, actually weird would be a lazy word to use, I find them inconsistent among each other and contradictory at multiple points. 

Then comes the arrangement of a wedding. The lack of communication, the unreal expectations and the unnecessary work needed just because people find it hard to understand all the chatter going on around them. You are surrounded by people you don’t know well and although a few months back I would have welcomed such an opportunity to meet new people, now I just feel tired of trying. There are too many people, too many rules and too many expectations. All of this reminds me of a time gone by which u had tried hard to gain freedom from. It makes me uncomfortable and anxious.

There aren’t too many downsides of a wedding but I tried to describe a few of them I have been feeling right now. There is a lot good about weddings too. The dresses, the food and the grand feeling of celebration and unity within two families. It’s probably me and a small minority who feel the way I do but it is what I feel about this.

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  1. Oh, tell me about over friendly relatives! Sometimes these encounters tend to become very awkward… And yes, those unnecessary discussions on unnecessary stuff. No bias here, but it gets more difficult for people on the bride’s side.

  2. some enjoy this small talk and wait for the next celebration in which to discuss all previous weddings and their experiences.

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